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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grocery business likely to be staffed by Boomers

Observation:  We’ve offered a variety of posts at this site that point to how Baby Boomers are likely to redefine retirement, just as they have reshaped virtually other life stage they’ve lived through.  Yesterday’s newsletter from Phil Lempert chimed-in on the topic by suggesting that Boomers will not only continue to be great customers at grocery, they could be an important part of operations behind the checkout and in customer service.  Click here to see his post.

Implications:   As Boomers do everything they can to stretch their nest egg, expect to see them take modified roles in the labor market for years to come. 

[Note: To see one of our earlier stories about Baby Boomer “Rehirement,” click here (it was offered in September, 2009.  For more on Generational Economics, click here.]

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