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Friday, December 16, 2011

Worthwhile consumer trends from Brand Keys

Observation:  We see a barrage of trends and forecasts this time of year, and it’s difficult to sift through them all.  But there are several that are worth sharing, including a two-part series from Brand Keys.  The set is called “Twelve for Twelve,”  a dozen items they offer in two separate Forbes articles.  Click here to see their first six forecasts, and when you’re ready, click here to read the second set of six items.

Implications:   Very often, a trend watcher can veer off the road and become a futurist… sometimes without solid basis.  But these forecasts are based on watching recent changes in consumer behavior and evolving consumer trends.  I thought this was a powerful set (or two) of trend and implication ideas… which could smartly influence the way a company is run, or the way a marketing message is designed.

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