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Friday, February 3, 2012

Job opportunities coming out of hibernation

Observation:  Frequent visitors to this site know that I find it hard to resist sharing good economic news… and today’s labor report is just that.  The unemployment rate fell again for the month of January.  You can read the Washington Post version of the story by clicking here.

Of course, the employment rate varies by region and job category.  Today’s Washington Post also provides some county-by-county data that you can review by clicking here.

Implications:   There are two reasons to share this kind of news.  First, in an age where we are bombarded by headlines of gloom and doom, I think it is important to amplify the optimism of good news when we can.  (Sometimes, temperament and progress can be self-fulfilling prophecies!)  Perhaps more importantly, a more stable workforce with more reliable paychecks can lead to more stable and reliable consumption. 

It is important to have great timing when heading into a recession, so that one knows when to trim inventories, restrain hiring, etc.  But it is no less important to have great timing when coming out of a recession… and having the goods and personnel required to satisfy customers when they come out of hibernation!

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