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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For under- and un-employed, stress lingers

Trend Observation:  Today’s New York Times offers a stark reminder that while many people are in a period of financial reconciliation, if not recovery, there are many folks who—because of their job situation—are still working very hard to create or build household income.  Click here to see that story.

Marketing Implications:  There is a significant share of people out there who will remain price-driven for some time to come.  It’s not everyone.  But it’s a significant number of people across the U.S.

Do you offer a product or service line that appeals to the price-sensitive nature of people trying to make ends meet?  Are some of your long-term customers in a different financial position than they were five years ago… and is that income likely to come back?  How are you—or are you—messaging to this constituency, in a way that they’ll appreciate your empathy when their incomes (and consumer appetites) return?

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