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Monday, June 11, 2012

Is your marketing upwardly mobile?

Observation:   Over the past few days, there has been a flurry of writing about marketing in the mobile space (yes, even more than usual for this popular topic).  For example, today’s Research Brief cites MAG research that up to fifty percent of car buyers will use their smartphone in the research or shopping process (click to link).

In the supermarket category, today’s Facts, Figures and the Future newsletter from Phil Lempert sources NPD Research in saying that 25 million Americans have downloaded some form of coupon-providing apps to their mobile device (click to link).

Implications:  Okay, it’s easy to get excited, but hold on just a minute here.  Before you rush out to spend big money on an “app” for your company, product or service, remember what happened with social media.  Everyone said, “You’ve gotta be on Facebook or you’ll miss the boat.”  So lots of companies created a FB page for no apparent reason, and started inviting their “fans” to “like” them.

Why should I?

As you read both of these two stories (which I selected quite at random), note that the mobile device tactic is designed to satisfy a consumer need… and move the relationship further up the ladder toward a sale or continued loyalty.  Like any other advertising or marketing endeavor, your mobile tactics should support your overall marketing strategy.  So…

In what ways might you enhance your relationship with consumers, as you transcend face-to-face, and move into the mobile space?

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