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Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to respond to trends and opportunities

Observation:  This week’s newsletter delivers on their reputation for reliable business ideas.  In this case, there are three examples of business ideas which respond well to emerging or important trends.  The first is a smartphone that detects radiation, which comes out of Japan in response to greater anxiety about that issue in the aftermath of the tsunami and resulting nuclear tragedy of last year.   Capitalizing on peoples need to know now, the Tim Horton chain in the United Arab Emerates prints the most recent headlines on the sleeve that insulates a customer’s coffee cup.   Respecting the more diligent behavior of today’s consumers, a hotel in London working with a furniture partner to facilitate a “try before you buy” campaign.  You can own the furniture in your hotel room.  Click on any headline to see that particular story, or click here to see the most recent newsletter for yourself.

Implications:  It’s not enough to be a trend watcher.  One must ask how emerging trends can be exploited for the happiness of your customers and the profit of your company.

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