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Monday, June 25, 2012

The irony of the aging Baby Boomer

Trend Observation:  Two interesting (and very contrasting) stories caught my attention today, and both of them were focused on Baby Boomers.  First, USA Today published an article about Boomers that can finally afford the car of their dreams.  The observation is that once parents have emptied their nest of children and paid-down much of the consumer debt, they have more discretion over their income… and more money for toys (click to link).

But then I caught a second story, this one from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, talking about an overhaul of the traffic light system that will accommodate Boomers… who presumably don’t cross the street on foot as fast as they used to (click to link). 

Marketing Implications:  America’s biggest generation (and arguably still the most significant consumer base) is changing.  Does your company, product or service target these consumers?  Are you changing in response to their current life stage?  Boomers are changing in both their physical and financial stature, and those changes are sure to impact their purchasing priorities and preferences.

Mike Anderson, for The Marketing Mind consumer trends blog, service of The Center for Sales Strategy.  

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