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Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome to the [your name here] rest area

Trend Observation:  Some states are considering the sale of “sponsorships” for way-side rest areas and other state-owned assets, according to a story in today’s USA Today.  It’s one way that states can make up for revenue shortfalls.  One state is even considering selling naming rights to a few bridges.  Click here to see the story.

Marketing Implications:  What government-owned structure might you logically put your name on?  Would it be smart for a beverage or soap company to put their name on a town’s water treatment plant?  Should a tire company put their logo on a recently paved street?  Maybe it would be smart to put your company name on a ________________.

Associating your company, product or service might be more than just a natural plug. Explained in your other marketing materials, it could be a way of endearing yourself to consumers as a business enterprise that is doing its share to keep taxes low.

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