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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Study: Home prices climb in most major cities

Trend Observation:  Today’s edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution features the S&P/Case Shiller report about rising home prices in many U.S. cities.  19 of the 20 markets measured reported an increase in home prices from March to April, and a national index of home prices also rose 1.3%.  Click here to see the story.

Marketing Implications:  We have a lot of ground to recover, but this story suggests that home prices are now, on average, at the level they were in 2003.  A healthy housing market, of course, improves a lot of directly related categories, such as mortgage lending, home furnishings and home improvement.  But there are many indirect beneficiaries too… so this is very good news.

Mike Anderson, for The Marketing Mind consumer trends blog, service of The Center for Sales Strategy.  

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